The Cycle of Living and Dying
Just a senile asian woman living in an average American college student's body, studying art and anthropology.
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reblog | 2 notes Black bean burger on poppy seed bagel with potato salad and popcorn chips. A nice ending to a struggling day. (at Deer Canopy)
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christina ramberg
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Do you guys ever get pissed when your pants don’t fit?

I recently lost weight and now all my pants are loose. So basically now I’m just wearing dresses because well, they’re fucking flexible. I guess I could buy new pants if I hadn’t already bought new pants about a month ago.. 

*sighs* I should’ve been a nudist. 

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celebs who have actually killed people
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reblog | 3 notes Painting swatches are the worst. At least I got a mini painting studio going. (at Deer Canopy)
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